Back Road (Owens Road Exit)

The dirt and gravel road connecting Deep Cove Landing with State Route 624 (Owens Road) was built by the original developers of The Meadows as a temporary construction entrance and never approved as a permanent access to the property nor granted any rights of way.  This was made very clear to the original Board of Directors, who then went through a litany of steps to try to get this access turned into an official permanent entry to The Meadows.  After approximately four years of research, knocking on doors of Owens Road property owners, discussions with King George County officials, and some expense in engineering studies, it was finally determined that the project was not feasible.
Other than the engineering studies mentioned above, no HOA money has ever been spent on this access road and it has been minimally maintained by individual homeowner effort and money. As a result, the letter linked below was drafted by request of the owner of Lot 1 (the property of which the access road is part) and asked that it be posted on the website.

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