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Recreational Easement
During April/May 2015 the Meadows Board of Directors requested a clarification of the prior legal review on the use of the Recreational
Easement (Lot 37). This opinion is being posted in the interest of
openness and is under review by the BOD. Future actions are dependent upon the completion of the survey and signing of an agreement between Lot 37 and the BOD. This is the complete correspondence set and no further legal action is envisioned at this time. Our lawyers (Chadwick, Washington) responded twice and their responses are listed in chronological order with e-mails as duplicated below (Read More)

Dock Committee Report
During the 2015 Annual Homeowners’ Meeting, and as a result of an objection raised Mr. Bruce Frady of Lot 106A, the members of the Association requested a Committee be chartered to conduct a review of the dock and associated Common Area and provide recommendations regarding the gate, posts, and dock area (Dock Report).

Request for Legal Opinion on Crooked Creek Easement
During March 2015 the Meadows Board of Directors requested a legal review and opinion on the use of the Crooked Creek to Granview easement.  This opinion is being posted in the interest of openness and is under review by the BOD as to future action and clarification as necessary. (Request For Opinion Crooked Creek )

Owens Road Access
The dirt and gravel road connecting Deep Cove Landing with State Route 624 (Owens Road) was built by the original developers of The Meadows as a temporary construction entrance and never approved as a permanent access to the property nor granted any rights of way. This was made very clear to the original Board of Directors, who then went through a litany of steps to try to get this access turned into an official permanent entry to The Meadows. After approximately four years of research, knocking on doors of Owens Road property owners, discussions with King George County officials, and some expense in engineering studies, it was finally determined that the project was not feasible. Other than the engineering studies mentioned above, no HOA money has ever been spent on this access road and it has been minimally maintained by individual homeowner effort and money. As a result, the letter linked below was drafted by request of the owner of Lot 1 (the property of which the access road is part) and asked that it be posted on the website.


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