Committees & Volunteers

The Association is always in need of volunteers from the community. This is a nice way to meet your neighbors and help make The Meadows a great place to live. Please consider volunteering to help by contacting the committee lead.

Current Committees (lead):

Architecture Control Committee

– Michele Robinson (chair)
– Robert Hatfield
– Deb Silber


Road Committee (Jim Hanson)
Common Area Committee (Frank D’Angelo)

Past Projects and Volunteer Appreciation:

Thanks to our past volunteers!

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Other projects:

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Project (Lead)
Panorama Trail restoration and bridge (Jim Buckley). During the summer fall and winter of 2018 Jim Buckley led the restoration of the Panorama Trail. The restoration involved repairing some holes and clearing debris along with placing stone dust on the surface of the trail to help prevent erosion. Additionally by his own effort and expense Jim Buckley built a bridge to facilitate travel between the Piney Green and main neighborhood areas. ,
Dock (Ann Lyon). On May 13th 2017 a group of volunteers conducted a cleanup of the dock area. In preparation for the summer months the group raked leaves spread weed killer on the steps and cleared overgrown areas. Many thanks to the volunteers who keep our common areas beautiful. ,
Panorama Trail (Jim Buckley). On March 11 2017 a group of eight volunteers cleared the Panorama Trail that connects the Piney Green and main section of the Meadows. If you haven’t had a chance to walk this trail you are missing out on one of the hidden gems in the neighborhood. The trail is open for all Association members to use and provides historic and scenic beauty right in our own backyard. ,
Timber Trail (Anne Lyon). On October 29 2016 Anne and Paul Lyon led a group of volunteers to help clean Timber Trail Lane. There was a significant amount of overgrowth on both sides of the road and some large trees that had fallen in recent storms that needed to be moved so a snow plow could continue down the road and push snow to the sides. We had a great turnout. Thank you to all those who participated. A special thank you to Waldon Jue who brought his large front loader to dig up and push the larger trees further off the road. Waldon also cleared an area that the snow plow can push snow off the road. Thanks to Frank DeAngelo too who brought his zero turn lawn mower and was able to mow down the sides of the road after we had cleared it of larger vegetation. This was a great effort on everyone’s part. , Oct2016_Cleanup_4Oct2016_Cleanup_5Oct2016_Cleanup_3Oct2016_Cleanup_2
Stairs (Vic Balasi). In the Fall of 2014 the Association built steps going down to the dock at the Recreational Easement. In addition to improving the aesthetics this effort will mitigate erosion problems. This effort helps keeps our common areas enjoyable and is a positive contributor to property values. ,dockStairs
Roads (Jim Hanson). We fight a constant battle against the elements and the impact on our roads. The roads in The Meadows are private and are not maintained by the state. Whether it’s snow removal in the winter or pothole repair tree trimming and edging in the spring summer and fall the upkeep and maintenance of the roads falls to Association members.
Dock Repair (Tracy Usry). The dock was recently repaired to properly sink the footings as it was originally designed. Ice buildup during the winter caused the pier to rise. The Association paid $600 to have the posts sunk to the proper depth. A more permanent solution would require significantly more expense (>$2500) and effort. The current solution was deemed sufficient given the alternatives and options. ,dockSmall


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